Arlo and his mother

On 4 August 2016, a two year old little boy, Arlo would not wake up for his Mother, Kate. During the summer the roads to Downderry, a little village on the South-East Coast of Cornwall, are busy with holidaymakers and it was proving difficult for the Ambulance and the First Responders to get to Arlo.

With Arlo still not waking up and the operator telling her the Air Ambulance was coming Kate could hear the helicopter circling the house. What a relief that someone was with them.

The air ambulance paramedic, Paul took charge of the situation and needed to get Arlo to hospital. With the busy roads, it would prove difficult for an ambulance to get to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth by road. The only option was the Air Ambulance.

Kate cannot really remember the flight to hospital. She was relieved that Arlo had woken up and was really terrified about what had happened to her little boy.

When asked if there was anything you can say to help explain what difference Cornwall Air Ambulance made to you, Kate responded:

“Living where we do, in a little village called Downderry, it’s not terribly accessible and during the summer our beach is full to bursting with locals and holidaymakers. I know on a good day it can take 40 minutes to get to Derriford Hospital so, the fact that they were here and had us in Derriford in what felt like minutes was a massive relief. We felt safe.

Arlo and his baby sister, Rudi love their Air Ambulance teddies and every time Arlo sees a helicopter he waves to “mine ‘copter”.


The air ambulance makes us all feel safe …. So why not take up the challenge, have fun and raise sponsorship to help them keep flying and saving lives.

You will pass Downderry on day one of the Coast and Cove Challenge.