Firstly you need to choose which challenge you wish to enter your team for, The Complete Challenge, The One Day Challenge, The Family Challenge or The Personal Challenge.

Secondly, to order to enter a team you will need a team name and optionally an organisation name that links members of the team, such as a pub name, business name, or whatever it is that draws you together as a team.

The first member that you enter, will be the team leader. We need contact details for the leader now (name, address, email address and mobile phone number) so we can keep in contact.

Then you can enter details about the rest of your team members, ideally name, address, date of birth, email address, mobile number – but name is the minimum, unless you haven’t finalised the team yet in which case put Member 1, Member 2 etc – we can get the rest later but letting us know now or before the event will save time when you register the team in person.

Please just use the action buttons in the page to move onto the next step, using the browser back and forward buttons or page refresh may lose your data which will need to be re-entered.